Insight tools

Our projects begin with a clear focus on identifying and understanding the outcomes you want to achieve together with the issues and gaps that exist at both a strategic and operational level. It’s here we use our insight tools and diagnostic techniques. They help us build a picture of your organisation and the people within in. From there we develop action plans to move you forward, achieve your outcomes and improve the performance of your business.


We use a range of insight tools and techniques including the Business Quotient Inventory (BQi). To find out more, please click on the BQi logo. The BQi organisational development diagnostic gives our clients a measure of their disposition towards the 9 key characteristics of culture that drive organisational performance. This gives our clients an in-depth insight into their culture and gives our consultants the information and knowledge they need to understand and improve the culture and performance of client organisations in a structured and systematic way. The BQi also provides companies with a clear map of the skills and competencies needed within the business to capitalise on the positive aspects of their culture and deal with the dysfunctions.


Research has proven that companies where the staff are fully engaged with the culture outperform the competition by 20%, so having the ability to measure, define and improve culture has never been so important, and that is where pitchblue and the BQi come in.


As well as the BQi, we use a range of other tools and diagnostics to ensure all the solutions we provide are evidence based, fit-for-purpose and deliver a clear return on investment.  If you would like to find out more information please click here to see our other diagnostics